Meet the Artists


Hi, I'm Gav. This journey started when I spotted a humble, wonky, perfectly imperfect mug while attending my first pottery class. Now I love creating all things unique and wonky, and feel so incredibly lucky to do this every day. 

I grew up in Perth and love living and working in Fremantle. The Wonkies I like making the most are the Super Wonkies because they can be so wild and unique.

My favourite part about being a Wonky Artist is being immersed in my creation and watching it grow from a ball of clay.





My name is David and I'm originally from the centre of the known universe, Liverpool. Scouse not English 🙂. 

I've always loved the spirit and energy of Fremantle as it reminds me of Liverpool in so many ways. It's the first time that I've worked in Freo though I have always wanted to.

I've lived in Australia for nearly 17 years now, mostly south of the river but also in the Pilbara. I'm married with a young boy who reminds me that the simple things in life are the most important.

I've really enjoyed making Wonky Mugs the most I think due to their tactile nature.

What attracted me to begin my journey as a Wonky Artist is that it celebrates imperfection in an imperfect world. That resonates with me personally and allows me to enjoy my new found creativity. Without KPI's 🙆‍♀️